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The world’s first collaborative sentence
USA 1994 | Web Project | Douglas Davis
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mmmmm mmmmmmmmmm Dear Fujiko, This is a more important innovation than my first global satellite work! Please tune in with Yamaguchi and add a fragment to The World‘s First Collaborative Sentence To get on the World Wide Web you ask yourself or your friends Once there you dial the number below: Love, I saw it Amazing See us: httpc//andante iss uw edu pl sie ma, jacek szamrej, Center for Complex Systems, Institute for Social Studies, UnUniv of Warsaw, Poland la phrase qui a des pensees si engageantes la phrase qui a des pensees si engageantes pousoons jusqu‘a la foret j‘ai vu cette phrase naitre! allons a l‘indigotenie theory is assimilated into the humanities in two principal ways–by critical interpretation and by artistic experiment „heuretics,“ the latter approach, functions at the same level of generality as „hermeneutics“ theorists from plato to derrida have influenced the making of arts and letters as much as they they have their analysis and intepretation recognizing this fact opens an op- portunity for a heuretic pedagogy a young girl accidentally sees her fiance urinating and is positive she can never marry him, as his penis is far too long and would hurt or kill her her mothe persuades her to try it first, as she can then break the engagement if it is really too long they discuss the matter with the fiance and all go to the bedroom „now, i‘ll put my two hands around it,“ says the mother, „and then, if you think you can take more, you tell me and i‘ll take my hands away“ as intercourse progresses, the mother takes away first one hand, then the other, without waiting to be told „oh, mother!“ the girl finally cries, „why don‘t you take your hands away?“ (idaho, 1919) the most powerful influence of the computer on modern thinking, i would argue, is not statistical or scientific, bujt humanistic is this not the death of literature? two soldiers, strangers to each other, are opening their mail „now isn‘t that the most considerate wife,“ one of them marvels aloud, „sends me a hair right off her snatch to remember her by“ the other soldier takes the hair out of his hands, draws it through his fingers, sniffs it, and holds it to the light „pardon me,“ he says, „ain‘t your name hawkins?“ behavioral thinking is inferior to visual thinking interprovinetsation, a musical link to the sentence by Lois Anderson and a funny video created by a well-known artist and then there was eternity structuralism is essentially an activity, ie, he controlled succession of a certain number of mental operrations: we might speak of structuralist activity as we once spoke of surrealist activity the goal of all structuralist activity, whether reflexive or poetic, is to reconstruct an „object“ if psychologically speaking, the striptease relationship is sadomasochistic, socil\ologically this sadomasochism is essential to the educational rite that is being fulfilled the striptease unconsciously eaches the spedctator, who seeks and accepts frustration, that the means of production are not in his possession americans think we cannot think in south africa let me think for you let me say that hat we mor ethan yhou must renew the artistic/cultural debate in this sowrld read comic books that is the only way dad did you ever wonder what it is like to be batman? once the feeling passes all i can do is mention my skin which covers me like your cloak or a leather jacket shredded by time though the feeling persists that all this would be solved by an application of kerosene twice every morning so the king came back and said to me JOHN he said to me JOHN he said so I said YES so he said KNEEL and I said NO so he said OH THOU FALSE PATAPHYSICIAN and I said I‘M FROM KANSAS, PERSONALLY which made him still madder and the spiral at the center of his chest turned menacingly COMMA start again I mean what I was really trying to say was here‘s a word from Here
and here‘s a header
and MIHR heals the physical body and the electric body, ta Chuck and Marshall to the Divine to the Subline to the Pool of Tears from the Dalai Lama‘s sister to the Divine to the Subline to the Pool of Tears from the Dalai Lama‘s sister Lois Lane in a rain slicker, what man could resist as the traveler considered the network of lines that enlace but was sidetracked by the lights on the highway ; chaos is web is order; Yo tengo contacto con gente en BARCELONA y ITALI pero lo mas increible es poder comunicarse con gente en todas partes del mundo Yo tengo contacto con gente en BARCELONA y ITALI pero lo mas increible es poder comunicarse con gente en todas partes del mundo Moi j‘ai des persones avec laquelle je parle col‘odenaterus Io posso comunicarmi con gente in tanti paesi perche col computer di oggi e cosi Nel mezzo camin di nostra vita mi ritoverai nel una selva scura chi dirita via Erase una vez habia un hombre que trabajaba en television y ahora, NADA toevoeging voor de langste zin ter wereld in het Hollands nu als Remco dit leest:de groeten aan hollnad en sinterklaasbboterham met kaas wil dat wat materie betreft het is hier in newjork nu half drie smiddags ik wou zeggen dat ik erg veel hou van je pe jdjdjdjjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdsllslslllsa EN EL PRINCIPIO DIOS CREO LOS CIELOS Y LA TIERRA desafortunadamente algunos a–os despuŽs EL PREDICADOR descubri— que VANIDAD DE VANIDADES TODO ES VANIDAD oh oh algo salio mal empecemos de
nuevo DEO MAXIMA GLORIA y acuŽrdate que MALO MORI QUAM FÎDARI nada and I want it with less things, so there and I want it with less things, so there‘s a way to see things, believe, trust and relax, and I want it with less things, so there‘s a way to see things, believe, trust and relax, and remind yourself that you truly matter,so take care of yourself Hey this is pretty neeneat der krieg ist also ein akt der gewalt um den gegner zur erfuellung unseres willens zu zwingen gewalt das heisst die physische gewalt denn eine moralische gibt es ausser dem begriffe des staates und gesetzes nicht ist also das mittel dem gegner unseren willen aufzuzwingen der zweck or may the Good Goddess grant me darkness what sublime and eclectic personalities are showcased in this sentence sleeping at the keyboard barefoot in the park, on a sunday bloody sunday, I walked with little big man weirdness, total utter weirdness We are the world we are the children, Yuck Yuck I am the world and the children not forever yet infinitely Montaigne said „Que sais-je?“ which sounds fancy until you realise he said „What do I know?“ in French but I use this sentence to find women who want to have
cybersex with me, so if you‘re interested mail me a description of yourself and some hot ideas to (replacing the periods with kommas since no periods are allowed here) norman,ohler@thing,nyc,ny,us KC said, „I hate myself and want to DIE“ Come as you are, as you were, as I want you to be, as a friend, as a friend, as I‘ve known in memory, Come doused in mud, soaked in bleach, as I want you to be, as a trend, as a friend, as I‘ve known it to be, in memory, Well I swear it, I don‘t have a gun, I feel very, um, violated / I mean – you‘re all looking at what I wrote / Stop it! Go away! Leave me alone! No more! I want my MOMMY!!! and all too frequently the great sadness will rest in my soul Apropos of evil, I consider myself a likable person Przed wynalezieniem dada, dada juz tam bylo
Przed wynalezieniem dada, dada juz tam bylo
long ago I used to sail between the stars but now i‘ve forgotten how and i‘m sad
Don‘t let big brother run your life, or anyone else for that matter; MAVERICK REALLY LIKES THIS

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THE DOOR –<-<-- of course, the only geniuses

This is far too spontaneous for Canadians We prefer our Babel towers a little politer than this Sorry This is
far too spontaneous for Canadians We prefer our Babel towers a little politer than this Sorry This is far too spontaneous for Canadians We prefer our Babel towers a little politer than this Sorry aieeee , meanwhile, this sentence was going nowhere, so I decided to make a point, which was not possible, unfortunately TECHNOLOGY WILL NOT ELIMINATE THE DECAY OF THE HUMAN SPIRIT WHICH MUST BE TENDED IN SILENCE Schticks und Stonz kin brek yur bonz, bunt knames kin neffer urt me Krazy Kat, It‘s not over till the fat lady sings, so how do you lock your doors in cyberspace and, of course, certain mystical spandex cakes walk to and fro without foreknowledge or licensing by insouciant and redundant warbling beancurdlers, waiting upon bended knee, requiring nothing, save infinitesimally rational gastronomy; the pudding, as you it occurs that all of life is simply possibilities and that we only need to speak them for there to be access to them in the universe it occurs that all of life is simply possibilities and that we merely need to speak them to bring them into existence in the universe more friendly, empty, faux-persoanl
communication intended to create the illusion of human interaction more of Douglas Davis‘ self-indlugent stuff ª I feel opaque, yet blatantly transparent, dissonant, archaic, distraught, fraught with the danger of lurking possibilities when the first woman on the moon meets the black president it‘s hardly worth even reading this tractor is coming to your home screen soon, don‘t miss it, when performing on the stage I always have to project my voice, though a microphone will amplify it to a full audience, and with a radio it is possible to broadcast to the millions of listeners within reach of the signal, but this marks the first time for world-wide reach, which is rather humbling

IdEAL ORDER Psychic TV Floods the World with Light!

my brother once said to me „a piece of fish in the eye is worth nineteen in the spine, so don‘t be late for the Wirren cake – now or any time“ As usual, my excited race to the microphone leaves me staring at the crowd, dumb Plaise a celui qui est peut-etre de dilater le